Nice Tutorial on Using Newtek TriCaster's M/E's For Compositing

Load_EffectCheck out this straight forward and simple guide for using NewTek TriCaster M/E's for compositing and green screen work. M/E's are Mix-Effect busses that enable you to create multi-layered productions with ease. TriCaster allows you to use virtual sets as well to add even more pizazz and style to your productions.

A Quick Look At Using NewTek TriCaster's M/E's For Compositing

Gnuralnet by John Mahoney
NewTek's entire TriCaster line offers very powerful LiveSet functionality, allowing you to place chroma keyed talent into a variety of virtual environments. It mixes powerful video UV mapped video layers with z-layered still images to create a compelling live composite.
I've put together two basic sets that demonstrate this capability. The first set is a simple 'White Infinity' set designed to place talent in front of a white gradient background
The second set I've put together is almost identical to the first set, but allows an image to be substituted on a background layer instead of having the fixed white background.

How To Do This Without Custom Sets:

While these LiveSets are useful, they really aren't necessary for this type of composition. The Mix-Effect busses in today's Tricaster lineup have the ability to create this exact layout directly without the need for any custom LiveSet work. read more...

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