NLE Plug-ins Bring New Control to Complex Tasks

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Adding plug-ins to your nonlinear editor is the easiest way to customize your editing system.

In the last few years, the makers of NLE plug-ins have become increasingly ambitious trying to pack in more capability and speed at a lower cost. In fact, some plug-ins have outgrown their host NLEs and employ interfaces of their own to provide maximum control over very complex tasks.

Many of the more advanced plug-ins are designed to go through Adobe After Effects before ending up in the NLE timeline, a process that allows for much greater control and fine tuning.

The historical trend in designing plug-ins has been to make them capable of performing advanced tasks while working easily within the host NLE or application. But, some companies are choosing to create their own interfaces that work independently from the NLE. This allows them to design a more powerful effect system that circumvents the restricted way in which many NLEs manage plug-ins. Read more...

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