No Film School Impressed with new Microsoft Surface Book for Video Editing

microsoft_surface_book_2I have been running the Adobe Creative Cloud software on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for well over a year with excellent results so I am not at all surprised by this article from No Film School. I am more surprised by the fact that NFS are giving the love to the new Surface Book as they admit themselves.
Microsoft product launches generally don't get much love from NFS. The new Surface Book, however, is definitely worth talking about, particularly for editors. What is the Surface Book, you're probably asking yourself? In essence, Microsoft went all out to create a flagship laptop/tablet hybrid with high-end hardware and innovative design, all centered around the completely refreshed Windows 10 operating system. Basically, Microsoft built a laptop for people who need powerful machines to get shit done. It's the Macbook Pro of Windows laptops, but it's also quite a bit more than that, thanks in no small part to the detachable tablet display.
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