No Matter How Hard They Try, 3D Just Won’t Die by Al Caudullo

If the Olympics and Christopher Nolan can’t kill 3D, then nothing will.

Let’s briefly look at the history of 3D.

In 1865 more than 1/3rd of the pictures taken were done in 3D.

World War 2 had 3D chronicles, even by Germany.

In the 50's we were treated to 3D by Hitchcock. “Ghouled and paddle balled” with Vincent Price in House of Wax. The Duke himself appeared in the third dimension in Hondo.

Flesh for Frankenstein and The Stewardesses brought skin flicks to 3D in the 70's. And who can forget Jaws 3D, even though many who witnessed it wish that they could.

Over and over again we have strived to bring more realism to our entertainment experience. We haven’t always succeeded. Many say these were all just gimmicks.

Finally, technology caught up with our imaginations with a yet another re-birth of 3D.

Since then we’ve met the Na’Vi on Pandora in Avatar. Been taken back in time to witness the history of film itself in Hugo. Bono has even personally serenaded us better than any live concert in the award-winning U23D. read more...

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