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The Non-Linear Creativity issue looks at the subject of non-linear, not just as it applies to tools like video editing, but also as it has influenced the way that we do our jobs, our projects, our careers, and other aspects of non-linear creativity in these rapidly changing times. We look at projects that are done in creative, non-traditional ways, at people whose careers have followed unconventional paths, and at technologies born of necessity by project demands. It is a powerful issue that includes:

  • In-Three’s Stereoscopic 3D Solution - A New System Begins with a Single Camera. Yes, One.
  • The Making of: Welcome To My World - A small team in Nigeria creates a project that saves an orphanage planned for destruction
  • A Non-Linear Career - A top VFX artist’s journey to the jobs that ignite the big screen
  • From LiveType to the iTunes Apps Store - One of LiveType’s creators returns with a new iPhone-focus
  • The Journey To A Nepali Recording Studio - How a New Yorker found peace, music and media in Nepal
  • Industry News - A look at some of the big news items in our industry
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