Now Shipping AJA FS4 The - The Ultimate 4K Toolbox

Now Shipping AJA FS4 The - The Ultimate 4K Toolboxaja-blog From AJA Incredible Versatility and Connectivity for All Your Conversion Needs At IBC last month, AJA introduced new 12G/6G-SDI SFP options for FS4, AJA’s most advanced frame synchronizer and universal up, down, cross-converter for 4K, UltraHD, 2K, HD and SD workflows. Now supported through AJA v1.1.0.8 Firmware, the options allow for greater SDI flexibility and fiber cable runs of up to 10 kilometers – without the need for separate fiber to SDI conversion. aja-blog2 12G/6G SFP modules for FS4 are available in HD-BNC and Fiber I/O options:
  • HDBNC-2TX-12G: 12G/6G-SDI Dual Coax HD-BNC Transmitter
  • HDBNC-2RX-12G: 12G/6G-SDI Dual Coax HD-BNC Receiver
  • FIBERLC-2TX-12G: 12G/6G-SDI Dual Fiber LC Transmitter Single Mode
  • FIBERLC-2RX-12G: 12G/6G-SDI Dual Fiber LC Receiver Single Mode
Encased in a sleek 1RU frame, FS4 offers unprecedented flexibility. Single channel mode offers a full suite of 4K/UltraHD video processing up, down, cross-conversion to and from a 2K/HD/SD input or output. Four Channel mode enables four channels of 2K/HD/SD simultaneous frame sync and conversions, offering 1RU multi-channel density at a very reasonable cost per channel. FS4 feature highlights include:
  • Support for two modes: Four independent channels of 2K/HD/SD or Single-channel 4K/UltraHD frame–sync and conversion
  • 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/SD video processing and up, down, cross-conversion
  • Full range of I/O options for 4K/UltraHD include Quad 1.5G; Dual 3G; and Quad 3G, 6G and 12G over a range of SDI and optional Fiber choices
  • SMPTE 2SI I/O support for 4K/UltraHD workflow options
  • Four channel 2K/HD/SD video processing and conversion
  • 1RU frame offering space, power and cost efficiencies ideal for broadcast trucks, post production or broadcast settings
  • Audio I/O processing with an incredible 272x272 matrix of audio possibilities; FS4 offers support for a flexible range of audio feeds from discrete AES to MADI and embedded SDI audio
  • Simple operation, a redesigned menu structure and quick access to features via front panel buttons or web UI
FS4 Now Shipping • $4,995 US MSRP 12G/6G SFP Modules Now Shipping • $495 US MSRP each

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