Award Winning Atomos Shogun Inferno Now Shipping

Jose Antunes from Provideo Coalition reports on the Atomos Shogun Inferno which is now shipping. Its a new era of 4k 60p HDR filmmaking and you don't want to miss it here.


shoguninferno001 The award winning Shogun Inferno – the world’s most advanced monitor recorder, according to Atomos – is now shipping, ushering in the exciting new era of 4K 60p HDR filmmaking. Since its inception, Atomos have been famous for redefining what monitors and recorders can do for all types of cameras and all types of filmmakers. The Shogun Inferno continues that trend. The Atomos difference is that they develop cutting edge technology to propel the industry forward but, says the company, “deliver it at a price point and with a user interface that opens the technology up to the entire filmmaking community.” Shogun Inferno gives the Atomos treatment to 4K 60p Log/Raw cameras, delivering high frame rate / high resolution recording & high dynamic range / high bright monitoring for under $2,000. “We are selling tomorrow’s 4K 60p HDR technology, today – future-proofing productions at price points that every filmmaker can afford”, said Jeromy Young, CEO and Co-founder of Atomos, “We can’t wait to see the wave of creativity that results from the arsenal of technology we’ve assembled in the Inferno”. [Continue Reading...]

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