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AJA is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated XENA LHi has started shipping today! XENA LHi is a powerful PCIe card for SD and HD I/O on Windows, supporting the newest Adobe CS4 applications and workflows, as well as eyeon Fusion, and Autodesk Combustion. XENA LHi offers the highest quality analog and digital interfaces, including 10-bit HDMI 1.3, 3G/HD/SD SDI, component analog and much more. With this powerful connectivity, plus our 10-bit realtime up/down/cross-conversion, XENA LHi bridges your multi-format workflows on Windows XP and Vista.

XENA™ LHi: Giving you both analog and digital I/O options in HD and SD resolutions.

XENA LHi offers a full host of no-compromise features: 10 or 8-bit uncompressed video, 3G/HD/SD SDI I/O including support for 1080p50/60, analog composite/S-Video/SD-HD component video I/O, 2-channel AES/8-channel SDI embedded audio I/O, 2-channel balanced audio I/O, and broadcast-quality hardwarebased up/down/cross-conversion for flexible SD and HD post production. Also, HDMI v1.3a capability at 30 bits per pixel allows full support of the latest 10-bit monitors. XENA LHi comes standard with a breakout cable and also works with the optional KLHi-Box for rack mounted I/O convenience. XENA LHi provides optimum quality for SD and HD-the maximum allowed in SMPTE SDI standards. Using many user-selected formats-DPX, Cineon, TGA, TIFF, BMP, YUV, AVI or QuickTime™-XENA LHi captures directly to disk. In addition to top quality video, XENA LHi offers all the audio support you'd ever want: multi-channel audio and 16/24/32-bit AES/EBU digital audio at 48kHz for digital production. For ease of use, XENA LHi also includes hardware sample-rate conversion on AES inputs-eliminating source synchronizing requirements. LHi is perfect for many diverse workflows, including capture from analog component connections from HDV cameras that allow direct ingest of HDV-acquired material into uncompressed or any other supported file format. These 12-bit analog inputs and outputs, in addition to 10-bit digital I/O's, ensure that XENA LHi can interface to almost any Single-Link SDI, HDMI, or analog HD or SD device you throw at it. XENA LHi also provides AJA's incredible 10-bit hardware up-, down-, and cross-conversion to/from HD and SD, which can be applied to any or all inputs or outputs. Digitize HD into space efficient SD for offline work. Monitor HD files on an SD monitor. Make analog or digital SD tape masters from an HD project. Awesome workflow capabilities are yours with XENA LHi.
For a Question and Answer document about the amazing and truly unique XENA LHi to help educate your sales staff and customers, click this link: XENA LHi Q&A Document
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