Now is the time to Upgrade your old version of Avid Media Composer - ScriptSync & PhraseFind are back!

Avid brought back ScriptSyne & PhraseFind, it's time for an upgrade! Upgrade Media Composer


Got an older version of Media Composer, Symphony, or NewsCutter—even as far back as version 3? Or maybe you’ve got a more recent version of Media Composer, but let your Annual Upgrade and Support Plan expire? Then we’ve got some fantastic news for you! First, if you haven’t heard already, we’re bringing ScriptSync and PhraseFind back! And we’ve updated both of these new Media Composer options to be even better than ever. But you’ll need the latest version of Media Composer to use them. Lucky for you, we’re also making Media Composer upgrades available once again, so those of you who let your Annual Upgrade and Support Plan expire, or never had one, can welcome these powerful tools back into your workflow again—or for the first time. For a limited period only, you can upgrade to the latest version of Media Composer, which includes a 1-year Annual Upgrade and Support Plan that provides access to all future releases and expert help when you need it, for only $399 $385 at Videoguys . That’s nearly 70% off the price you would normally have to pay to get the latest Media Composer features if you don’t have an upgrade plan! Why upgrade? You could be missing out on some incredibly cool tools that not only make editing faster, easier, and more fun, but also empower you with the capabilities you need to work on today’s HD, high-res, 3D, and HDR productions. Depending on what version of Media Composer, Symphony, or NewsCutter you have, here are just a few highlights of what may be new to you:
  • Work with any media in any resolution, including SD, HD, UHD, 3D, HDR, 2K, 4K, and beyond
  • Edit HDR (high dynamic range) projects to achieve more realistic and/or dramatic imagery
  • Work with high-res media easily through Resolution Independence and the Avid DNxHR codec
  • Instantly access and edit file-based media, without copying or transcoding footage
  • Experience incredible creative power and performance with its 64-bit architecture
  • Edit faster and more easily with the sleeker, more intuitive and modern interface
  • Create big, immersive surround mixes with up to 64 audio tracks using comprehensive audio tools
  • Automate non-creative, complex tasks in the background with Dynamic Media Folders
  • Get native support for the latest media formats, including XAVC-L, AVC-LongG, and more
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