NVIDIA Announces External eGPU Acceleration for Video Editing on Laptops

By Jose Antunes With technology rapidly changing the landscape of how we work and play, one thing has become clear: we want to take our technology with us, wherever we go. Whether it's to work or play, most consumers want the ability to access whatever they want, wherever they want. This specific issue has more come from the gaming community wanting the ability to have the best game-play experience no matter where they are playing. The performance drop is usually visual, meaning the graphics card would need a boost in power. This solution can also help those video editors and creative professionals work out of the office and maintain the integrity of their project. As technology struggles to conform to the wants consumer's desire, devices are getting smaller, thinner and in some cases performance suffers. With that problem in mind NVIDIA is releasing an External GPU (eGPU) to boost just that performance and come equipped with a NVIDIA Quadro graphics card. Now wherever you need to go you'll be able to get as much quality work done.

“While more computer power than ever is needed for VR, photoreal rendering and AI workflows, mobile systems are getting thinner and lighter, with limited performance and memory,” says Bob Pette, vice president, Professional Visualization, NVIDIA. “Our eGPUs can now solve this problem, enabling creatives to plug into our most capable GPUs so they can do their best work on the most graphically demanding applications.”

Quadro graphics will be available through qualified eGPU partners for those who use high-end content-creation applications for animation, color grading and rendering as well as CAD and simulation apps. The qualification process ensures users of compatibility, reliability and performance of their Quadro eGPU solution.

To ensure prosumers enjoy great performance with applications such as Autodesk Maya and Adobe Premier Pro, NVIDIA is also releasing a new performance driver for TITAN X to make it faster than ever before. According to NVIDIA, the new driver delivers 3x more performance in applications like Maya to help you create and design faster than ever. Built for people who design and create – and, adds NVIDIA, for people who, of course, play games – the TITAN Xp is, claims NVIDIA, “the most powerful GPU you can put in your PC.”

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