Off the Tracks a Final Cut Pro X Documentary

Not only dedicated Mac video editors will find this upcoming documentary about Apple's Final Cut Pro X revealing... From FCP.CO The release of Final Cut Pro X back in July 21st 2011 certainly polarised the post production industry. Now a feature length documentary from Brad Olsen tells the story of how the world's favourite NLE changed overnight and how the industry did or didn't accept the new version. I've been looking forward to Brad's trial for a while. Slightly shocked that I'm first up, but I'm glad to be involved with such an exciting project. I'll let Brad take up the story: Off the Tracks is a documentary about how Final Cut Pro X has been disrupting the professional video industry. There are a lot of strong feelings about Apple’s pro editor and where you have controversy there's a story to tell. Why did Apple stop making their popular professional video editing software in 2011 in favor of this radically changed application? Who is using Final Cut X today? Can we trust Apple to do the right thing for creative professionals in the future? These are the kinds of questions we're addressing in this project. Watch the trailer

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