Online With No Bosses and No Rules: It?s The Anthony Cumia Show

Streaming Media by Troy Dreier

Equipped with a green screen, a NewTek TriCaster, and a love of technology, Anthony Cumia has made the transition from Sirius XM shock jock to online video star.

Anthony Cumia has said goodbye to radio. Fans can now hear him?and see him?online.

Cumia enjoyed a 20-year career in talk radio as part of The Opie and Anthony Show, but he and his fans knew it had to end sometime. Cumia and partner Gregg ?Opie? Hughes had a knack for getting fired and a talent for attracting negative press. Before finding a home on SiriusXM satellite radio, they?d been let go from stations in Boston and New York City.

The end of The Opie and Anthony Show came this July. While shooting pictures late one night in Times Square, Cumia got into an argument with a woman who didn?t want to be photographed. The outspoken Cumia tweeted some angry messages about the confrontation, which then got reported in the press. Before long, Cumia was out of a job.

But getting fired has always seemed to work out for Cumia. This time, he?s back with a subscription online video show and he?s doing better than ever. He turned his online video hobby into a job and it?s paying off. What?s more, he launched his show only weeks after his firing from SiriusXM. It?s a move that not many could pull off, but Cumia makes it look easy.

The Video Studio in the Basement

The reason The Anthony Cumia Show was able to go online so quickly is because Cumia had been streaming online video for years. A technology fan, Cumia created a professional video studio in the basement of his Long Island home years ago and occasionally streamed live shows. read more...

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