Opinion divided over Final Cut Pro X

Variety by David S. Cohen

Editors skeptical of Apple's commitment to pro market

In this election season, many observers on both sides of the red/blue divide are frustrated that the two sides seem to be living in different realities.

The same dynamic is playing out between Apple and professional editors over Final Cut Pro X. The editors and Apple seem to want to find some common ground, but they can't agree on even basic facts.

Apple summoned me to a rare meeting last month at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. Later, I went over their points with Harry Miller III, head of the American Cinema Editors' Technology Committee. It was like trying to dissect the Obama administration's economic policies with Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity.

Apple's senior director of applications marketing, Richard Townhill, laid out Apple's case that they're proving their commitment to pro users. First, he said, Apple has been adding pro features, like improved multichannel audio, in response to feedback from pros, and even features more are being added as third-party plug-ins. Apple has even provided some information about its future plans for FCP, an absolutely huge concession in its secretive culture. read more...

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