Optimize your Mac ProThunderbolt throughput

MacPro_Thunderbolt.bus_This is a great article. The Mac Pro "Garbage Can" comes with multiple thunderbolt ports. How you use them, and which ports you plug in your storage, I/O or display can have an impact on the overall thoughput of your system. In this article on fcpworks you can learn which ports share resources and how to use the right ones.
fcpworks by Sam Metsman How you attach your devices to the new Mac Pro is really important as it will affect performance across all of your devices. Here are some tips for mapping out your thunderbolt devices across the individual buses.
  • Do not attach more than 2 displays to a thunderbolt bus. If you do, expect to see problems.
  • You can connect up to 6 Thunderbolt/mini displayport displays (2 on each bus) to the new Mac Pro.
  • You can connect up to 3 4k displays (1 each on buses #1 and #2) and a third through the HDMI port, which connects to the third Thunderbolt bus.
  • On my setup, I have my ports configured this way: my two desktop monitors are on bus #1. My Promise R8 and some additional thunderbolt storage is on bus #2. My Ultrastudio 4k for video I/O is on bus #3, and I’ll connect additional drives/peripherals when necessary to this bus.
When you take full advantage of the the Thunderbolt mapping on the New Mac Pro, you can do something like what we did at the RED booth at NAB. read more...

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