Options and steps for customers to renew their Subscriptions and Upgrade & Support plans within their My Avid Account

VERY IMPORTANT message from Marianna at Avid:

Before anyone begins the renewal of their MC support/upgrade plan that is about to expire, you MUST log in to your Master Account and turn OFF the auto-renewal process. Turning this off will add a new link to the Media Composer | Software section and you will now have a " renewal" link located under the Auto-renewal on/off area. Click on the new " renewal " link and that is where you should be redeeming the redemption code.

Note that since the system ID is already tied to the original support/upgrade plan that is expring or about too expire, you DO NOT redeem your renewal code in the Avid Activtion and Download link section as thats for totally new product redemptions.

Go to this document.


How do I renew my Annual Subscription or Upgrade & Support plan?
The below processes are for renewing Upgrade & Support plans and Subscriptions via your My Avid Account. It is also possible to renew your Upgrade & Support plan by purchasing an Avid Advantage Plan from your Avid Sales Rep or Channel Partner. In this instance, your My Avid Account will be update automatically once the purchase is complete. Important: 1) In order to renew your Upgrade & Support plan or Annual Subscription using the process below, you must turn OFF Auto Renewal. If Auto Renewal is turned ON, you will not see the options to renew your plan or subscription. Auto Renewal Turned ON: User-added image Auto Renewal Turned OFF: User-added image 2) You must also select "My Products and Subscriptions" in order to renew your Upgrade & Support Plan or Annual Subscription. Do not select "Avid Software Activation and Download;" doing this will just re-direct you to your "My Products and Subscriptions" page. User-added image How to Renew your Upgrade & Support Plan or Annual Subscription: 1. Go to www.avid.com and Select Sign In / Register Step 1 2. Log into your My Avid account. If you don’t have an account, create one User-added image 3. Select My Products and Subscriptions User-added image 4. Locate the product you wish to renew User-added image Renewing with an Activation Code: 1. Select the arrow next to the Renew Support link User-added image 2. If you do not see the option to “Renew Support,” make sure “Auto Renewal” is turned OFF User-added image 3. Enter your Activation Code (also called a Redemption or Download Code) in the box provided and select Submit. User-added image 4. If the code is valid, the renewal will take affect and your Standard Support end date will change. User-added image 5. To renew your support for additional years, simply repeat the process by entering in a new code.

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