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Congrats to the folks at Streamgeeks.us for completing their new live stream production studio! They are generously sharing their love and passion for live stream technology. Take a look at their story, reposted in short below, for some insight into how they built up their live stream production, crafted their studio, and grew their audience. It's invaluable to read first hand workflow! If you want to get savvy live streaming, be sure to check this out: From Streamgeeks.us

Chapter 1: How We Got Here

After about a year of live streaming, making every mistake in the book, I realized that creating live video was starting to become easy for me. The rubber was really starting to hit the road for me creatively. Facebook live had just come out and instead of resisting the latest trending technology, I started simulcasting our show. Simulcasting was a new term in the industry which described streaming media that was sent to multiple destinations at the same time. For the first time, I was able to live stream our show on both YouTube and Facebook. The seas were starting to open and our live show was on a roll.

So a couple times each week, I would live stream to our businesses social media accounts. I made a deal with our boss at the time that these live streams would only take up 10% of my work week. The promise to work half a day per week quickly spiraled into something much more. But this is where the story begins. I quickly realized that my job would become learning about something useful and sharing that knowledge with our audience. The more useful the knowledge I shared, the better it would perform. The more compelling my story and inbound marketing strategy was the more leads I was able to create for our company.

At one point, I was making one video per day because there was so much content that needed to be cataloged and made into video. We decided to divide the week up into a “daily vlog schedule” which was something like: Mondays with Paul, Tech Support Tuesday, Back to Basics, Something New Thursday and the regular Friday Show. I have to say that daily video creation did a lot for our YouTube channel. As long as we had a topic to talk about, we were able to sit down and record a presentation with prepared media. We could have it uploaded to Facebook and/or YouTube as soon as we were finished recording. Since we recorded the whole video live, the real art was managing the video production software controls and talking about the given topic at the same time....[continue reading]

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