Overview: Canon XL H1

Videography by Chuck Gloman XLH1Canon's entry into the HDV marketplace is the XL H1. It looks much like the XL2 that was introduced almost two years ago, except that the XL H1 is dressed in black. If you are familiar with the XL1 or XL2, you'll be right at home with Canon's latest model. Our university, DeSales University, has 10 XL1s and an XL2, so I wasn't alone in my enthusiasm to test out Canon's first HDV offering. With its 20x fluorite lens up front, the camera still has a little weight to it (more than 8 lb. fully loaded). The XL-mount lens includes Canon's Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) system to correct shake. The 20x zoom (5.4-108mm) gives you more zoom power than lenses included with its HDV competition, which fall in the 12x to 16x range. The maximum aperture at the 4.5mm focal length is F1.6; at full telephoto, the maximum aperture is F3.5. The field of view (35mm equivalent) is 38.9mm at full wide to 778mm at full telephoto when recording in its native 16:9 aspect ratio. read more...

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