Overview of the key players in Virtual Reality (VR)

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAS6AAAAJDlkYTk5NmJkLWUyODEtNGU1Ny05M2JkLTZiNmRiZjYwMmY4NAThis article and map lays out the current Virtual Reality (VR) ecosystem. I found it very informative. It lists the key developers of devices, controllers, cameras, developer tools, content creation., platforms and more.
Chris McCann via LinkedIn This article is posted LinkedIn, and I'm not sure if the link to read more will work if you are not on LinkedIn. A Map of The Virtual Reality (VR) Market VR is reported to be a big future market. I wanted to get a better understanding of all of the different players and how the whole ecosystem fits together. Here is a map of the virtual reality ecosystem I created for myself, hopefully its helpful for others. Below is a breakdown of each category:
  • I focused mainly on VR not AR (ex. Magic Leap)
  • I have included more companies below than listed on the graphic above.
  • I am biased towards startups in the space and/or companies that have raised funding.
  • If I am missing something tweet me @mccannatron
  • This space is developing quickly so take this into consideration.
Observations/Questions After looking into this market there are a few big open ended questions which I observed. It will be interesting to see how each play out over the next few years. read more...

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