OWC 4M2 NVMe SSD RAID – Lightening Fast Storage When You Need It

In this in-depth review, Larry Jordan provides a thorough analysis of the OWC Express 4M2 NVMe SSD RAID, concluding his three-part series on high-speed SSD storage from OWC. Explore the key features, performance benchmarks, and practical insights into maximizing this cutting-edge storage solution.

Executive Summary:
Discover the capabilities of the OWC Express 4M2, a powerhouse that holds up to 32 TB of storage with speeds approaching 2,800 MB/second. Larry highlights the versatility of this all-metal enclosure, suitable for both Mac and Windows systems, and provides essential tips on optimizing your editing experience.

Installation and Build Quality:
Larry's review delves into the solid construction and durability of the Express 4M2, emphasizing the importance of precision during installation. Gain valuable insights into the unit's design, its 2" fan for heat dissipation, and its suitability for users seeking speed, ruggedness, and minimal noise.

Comparative Analysis:
Get expert advice on choosing between the Express 4M2, Envoy Pro FX, and Thunderblade, based on your unique speed and storage requirements. Larry's recommendations provide clarity for users seeking the perfect balance of performance and functionality.

Speed Test Summary:
Explore the results of 98 speed tests conducted on an M1 Pro MacBook Pro, offering a comprehensive overview of the Express 4M2's performance. Larry breaks down the impact of RAID types on read and write speeds, providing essential information for users looking to maximize their editing capabilities.

Real-World Application:
Larry translates speed test results into real-world scenarios, offering practical advice for video editing, multicam streams, and handling large frame sizes. Learn how different RAID configurations impact video playback formats and discover the unit's potential for supporting various editing needs.

Expansion and RAID Configurations:
Uncover the benefits of formatting your drive as RAID 4 or RAID 5, including the unique ability to expand your storage system effortlessly. Larry's insights on RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 4, and RAID 5 provide a roadmap for users looking to balance speed, redundancy, and potential expandability.

Larry concludes by praising the OWC Express 4M2 as a top-tier storage solution, outperforming its counterparts in speed, build quality, and expandability. Gain valuable recommendations for formatting options that align with your backup strategy, ensuring optimal performance for your specific needs.

Read the full review from Larry Jordan HERE

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