OWC Atlas Pro CFExpress Type A Gen 4 Memory Card – Doubling Performance

This review from ArtIsRightdives into OWC's latest Atlas Pro CFExpress Type A Gen 4 memory card, a product that promises to double the performance of its predecessors. Tested with one of the most demanding cameras on the market, the Sony A7RV with its 60 MP sensor, this card performs flawlessly in both still and video modes. Here are the key advantages of this impressive memory card.

Unbeatable Price per Gigabyte
OWC's Atlas Pro CFExpress Type A Gen 4 memory card sets a new standard in value, offering a price of just 66 cents per gigabyte. This is an unprecedented value for a CFExpress Type A card from a reputable company. Whether for professional photography or videography, this cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive option for all storage needs.

Superior Read and Write Speeds
The new generation of Atlas Pro cards boasts double the read and write speeds of the previous models. While current cameras may not fully utilize these speeds, computers certainly will. This translates to faster download speeds, saving precious time when transferring large files and allowing for quicker post-production workflows.

Enhanced Software Compatibility
A standout feature of the OWC Atlas Pro CFExpress Type A Gen 4 is its compatibility with OWC Innergize software. This software enhances the card's performance and longevity, ensuring users get the most out of their investment. With Innergize, managing and optimizing storage becomes easier than ever.

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