Wayne G, in his latest blog post for OWC, introduces the highly anticipated ThunderBlade X8, signaling a significant leap forward in high-performance RAID SSD technology. The ThunderBlade X8 retains its position as a go-to choice for creative professionals, offering enhanced speed, increased RAID capacity, and an improved design. The OWC team, comprising engineering experts and professionals from film, recording, and photography backgrounds, strategically addressed the need for heightened speed and capacity in creative applications, leading to the evolution of ThunderBlade X8.

One of the key improvements is the remarkable boost in speed, with the ThunderBlade X8 reaching up to 2949MB/s real-world speed. This enhancement spans across various platforms, including Windows PCs, Macs with Intel processors, and Macs with Apple M-Series chips. Noteworthy speed improvements of up to 21% on Windows, 15% on Intel-based Macs, and 10% on M-Series Macs underline ThunderBlade X8's commitment to superior performance across diverse systems.

A game-changer for RAID 4 and 5 configurations, ThunderBlade X8 excels with double the NVMe SSD Blades, providing 16% more usable capacity and sustained speeds up to 2464MB/s. This translates to improved adherence to the 3-2-1 rule of data backups without compromising on capacity, performance, or time efficiency. Notably, when used with Apple Silicon machines, ThunderBlade X8 exhibits a remarkable 16% increase in RAID 4/5 performance.

In terms of design, ThunderBlade X8 maintains its durable, fanless, solid aluminum case, with notable tweaks to the lighting. The introduction of downward-pointing individual LEDs replaces the previous LED light bar, offering a less distracting presence on set. Additionally, a ruggedized power connector caters to intense production environments. The unchanged durability is highlighted by the fin-design, ballistic hard-shell case, ensuring data safety during transport.

The ThunderBlade X8 solidifies its position as the best RAID SSD with its capacity to hold eight NVMe M.2 SSDs, supporting capacities up to 32TB and delivering unmatched data transfer speeds of 2949MB/s. Write speed improvements of up to 21% across all platforms, coupled with the ease of RAID configurations through included SoftRAID XT software, position ThunderBlade X8 as the ideal choice for professional video editors and VFX houses.

With a purpose-built design for video professionals, ThunderBlade X8 caters to the diverse needs of on-set editing, shuttle drives, and cloud-based workflows. Its second Thunderbolt port enhances versatility, allowing connections to USB-C devices, displays, or daisy-chaining up to five additional Thunderbolt devices. Professional video editors benefit from a seamless editing experience with centralized file access.

In conclusion, the ThunderBlade X8 is a powerhouse that combines speed, capacity, and reliability, making it the ultimate choice for creative professionals seeking top-tier performance in the ever-evolving landscape of video and film production. As the new year unfolds, the ThunderBlade X8 sets a new standard for RAID SSDs, embodying OWC's commitment to innovation and excellence.

Read the full blog post by Wayne G for OWC HERE

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