OWC ThunderBlade X8: Fastest External SSDs Money Can Buy

Explore the latest ThunderBlade X8 by Other World Computing (OWC) – a powerhouse external SSD designed for video editors and photographers. With read speeds of up to 2949MB/s and write speeds of 2826 MB/s, it outpaces its predecessor, offering increased capacity and efficiency. Discover the sleek design, fanless operation, and capacities ranging from 8TB to 32TB. OWC sets a new standard for external drive capabilities, empowering creative professionals with rock-solid data protection. Learn about pricing and availability for this cutting-edge storage solution.

Blog Summary: Other World Computing (OWC) has unveiled the ThunderBlade X8, a lightning-fast Thunderbolt shuttle and edit RAID SSD designed for professionals seeking high-speed data transfer. Boasting read speeds of up to 2949MB/s and write speeds of 2826 MB/s, it surpasses its predecessor, providing over 16% higher performance in RAID 4 and 5 configurations with Apple Silicon computers.

Equipped with dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, the ThunderBlade X8 allows easy daisy-chaining of up to five additional Thunderbolt devices. Its sleek, rugged design features a durable aluminum enclosure, and its fanless, heat-dissipating design ensures quiet operation. The integrated fin-designed cooling system makes it suitable for on-the-go use, complemented by a ballistic hard-shell case for transportation.

Available in 8TB, 16TB, and 32TB capacities, the top model accommodates up to eight 4TB 2242 NVMe M.2 drives. While the 32TB capacity is sufficient for most users, professionals dealing with massive data may find it limiting. OWC Founder and CEO Larry O’Connor states that the ThunderBlade X8 builds upon its predecessor's legacy, offering enhanced performance, total usable storage, and ruggedness.

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