Panasonic AG-CX10 4K Handheld Camcorder Delivers Live Remote Streaming and Control

The Panasonic AG-CX10 is a great portable camcorder for 4K workflows, that adds a ton of power to your workflow. The AG-CX10 is one of our inhouse favorites, and we were excited to see a recent article talking about streaming directly from this camcorder, as if it is a webcam, as well as taking remote control of the camera. 

1) Using the control app HC ROP app to control your CX10 wirelessly

  • Go into your menu on the camcorder and select Menu
  • Device select>WLAN
  • WLAN>Property>Type>Infra
  • Select the appropriate SSID
  • IP Remote>Enable
  • Set User Account

2) Using your CX10 to live stream directly to YouTube or Facebook Live.

  • Insert an SD Card into your Windows PC
  • Download the P2 Network Setting Software
  • Open YouTube Studio and copy the stream key and URL
  • Open the P@ software and select streaming & RTMP
  • Paste the stream URL and add "I"
  • Past stream key into STREAM DESTINATION URL
  • Tap Export and your URL will be stored to the SD Card

 Check out the full article from Panasonic to learn more. 

Learn more about Panasonic HERE.

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