Panasonic AG-CX10 Live Remote Streaming with IP/NDI Control

One tip we commonly give on this blog is to avoid Zoom fatigue- or the talking head feeling that comes from a standard Zoom grid view. One great way to do this is to incorporate higher quality cameras, or multiple cameras into your zoom call.

Panasonic recently released a great article on how to do exactly this with their popular run and gun NDI capable camcorder: the AG-CX10. The article covers three separate ways to use your CX10 in a remote streaming setting. 

This camcorder is an in-house favorite of ours, and we were excited to see it incorporated to a workflow we talk about so heavily.

1. Using the control app HC ROP app to control your CX10 wirelessly

One method of effectively using your CX10 as a remote streaming device is via the HC ROP control app for wireless control.  Check out this diagram to help achieve this workflow. 

For more information, Panasonic also included this quick, helpful video. 

2. Using your CX10 to live stream directly to YouTube or Facebook Live.

The CX10 is also a great camcorder to use when streaming directly from a single camera to a CDN, with a ton of capabilities in the users hand to help find the perfect shot. 

Check out Panasonic's Diagram of this workflow, below.  

Use the Following Workflow to Achieve this Process

  1. Prepare a Windows machine and insert an SD card
  2. Download P2 Network Setting Software
  3. Open YouTube Studio and copy Stream URL & Stream key
  4. Open P2 Network Setting Software, and select Streaming & RTMP tabs
  5. Paste Stream URL, add “/“, then paste Stream key into STREAM DESTINATION URL box
  6. Tap Export; the URL is stored to the SD card

 Panasonic also included a helpful video on the process.

3. Using your CX10 as a webcam

This solution comes in handy with the aforementioned Zoom fatigue.  You can bring the CX10 in as a webcam source on any major video conferencing application, like Zoom, Teams or Google Meet.  In addition, you can incorporate it into software based switchers like Wirecast or vMix.  

Check out Panasonic's workflow diagram on how to achieve this process

Note that this workflow will require you to bring the camera feed in via NDI, and use NewTek's Virtual Input- found in their NDI Tools free download. 

Check out Panasonic's video on this procedure to learn more.

Check out the full article from Panasonic HERE to learn more. 

Learn more about Panasonic HERE.

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