Panasonic AW-RP60 PTZ Controller video tutorial

Panasonic's new PTZ Step by Step Tutorials goes ever how to use their PTZ cameras with the AW-RP60 Remote Camera Controller. The AW-RP60is equipped with a 3.5-type LCD screen to deliver a GUI menu where the information you need is provided at a glance for intuitive and quick camera control.

In this video you will learn 

  1. How to prepare the system
  2. How to change the IP addresses of PTZ Cameras
  3. How to assign PTZ cameras on AW-RP60
  4. How to pan, tilt, zoom and focus PTZ cameras on the AW-RP60
  5. How to store, recall and delete preset positions on the AW-RP60
  6. How to turn off/on PTZ cameras on the AWRP60

Check it out here!

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