Panasonic AW-UE150 4K take worship to higher levels!

Denton Church from Texas has broadened their scope recently with upgrades to the Panasonic AW-UE150 4K PTZ Camera! Usually they have up to 4,000 congregates, and with the pandemic still in full swing, they needed to upgrade their old cameras. They needed to deliver high quality content "regardless of where they choose to worship." 

Denton uses volunteers to run their systems. Thus they needed to keep this in mind when finding a new camera. Anyone needed to be bale to run it. 

A wide field of view was also important, along with a small footprint. This is so they can capture engaging events with multiple angles from one location. The camera needed to be light weight, and also connect over IP to help handle being moved all over the place around their location. 

“We were stuck in an SD/HD environment using a camera system that was 15 years old,” said Preston Fuqua, technical director at Denton Bible Church. “We knew we needed a product that was on the leading edge and offered multiple options to achieve the end results we were looking for.”

Volunteer Based Work Force

After a long search of trial and error, Denton used 5 Panasonic AW-UE150's throughout the sanctuary. They also used 2 AW-RP150's with their touch screen remote camera controllers. 

The UE150's have a 1 inch sensor with a 20x zoom. This let them zoom in 2x what the used to do and keep the image quality great. Thus they were able to keep congregates from across the nation entertained with their high quality content. 

Fuqua said, “Once the Panasonic’s PTZs were installed and we saw the images they produced, we were blown away. The IP control on the remote camera controller is spot on and exceeds our expectations due to the controller’s ability to manipulate multiple cameras at once and simultaneously output 4K. It was hard to even compare our old setup to the new one.”

Before the installation of the UE150's, Denton usually had to have 3 camera operators. Now they come in, take their notes on what needs to happen, then check the configurations of the touch screen interfaces. 

These RP150 touch screen controllers let the operators output their feed in multiple resolutions too. They can then control them via a webpage and capture multiple shots from one device. 

“Panasonic’s camera systems have been a very versatile tool for us. Our camera operators have caught on quickly and really enjoy the ability to customize the user experience, as well as the ability to quickly jump between pre-programmed shots and moves,” said Fuqua.

Reaching outside the boundaries of the church 

Luckily for Denton, they had these installed before Covid-19 hit the country. However the need for live streaming only increased. 

What they did was change their infrastructure a bit. Mainly they added a broadcast suite. The result was the church streaming live quickly and effectively.

They created a new weekday series. Together with their usual Sunday stream, they pull in over 6,000 people! 

Streaming keeps people safe, close to their families, and lets everyone stay connected all at the same time. Implicating this has caused Denton to reach an audience far beyond their expectations.  

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