Panasonic AW-UE150 firmware update delivers cleaner picture, faster movement & SRT

Panasonic recently released Ver. 2.62 firmware updates for their flagship pro ptz camera... the AW-UE150. This is a stunning 4K ptz camera with a 1 inch MOS sensor that can shoot up to 4K 60fps with a 20x zoom 12g SDI, IP, HDMI, and a 75.1-degree angle of view. Panasonic is super proud of this camera considering it the best and top of the line for broadcast environments. 

V-Log was added last year which allowed for more post production work to give a true cinematic feel with these cameras. Thus several shows utilized these cameras like Selena + Chef and The Circle

Ver. 2.62 now brings to the UE15 SRT, TSL 5.0 support, improved PTZ movement, and minus gain. Thus making the UE 150 the greatest and highest end streaming PTZ camera in the business. 

Clearer, Faster, Better

"Gain is a digital camera setting that controls the amplification of the signal - measured by decibels (dB) - from the camera sensor. Ver. 2.62 for the UE150 brings Minus Gain with an adjustable range of -3dB to 42dB (0dB to 42dB previously). In well lit environments, by dropping the gain to -3dB, your images will contain less noise, which will produce cleaner green screen work and enable additional depth-of-field control to separate your subject from the background," wrote Panasonic's Neil Matsumoto.

But there's more. Like the improved & faster PTZ speeds now 60-degrees/second faster than before. This now makes the UE150 match the AW-HE130 PTZ Camera. 

Secure Reliable Transport

There are lots of ways to stream such as RTSP, RTMO, RTMPS, and more. Haivision helped make a new protocol called Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) which is an open source videos protocol which improves streaming quality and performance on questionable networks such as public internet. 

Government agencies (like NASA) have really jumped on the SRT Bandwagon. Videoguys broke down what SRT is and what it means for live streaming. You can check that out right here!

Get Ver 2.62 for the UE150 here!

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