Panasonic AW-UE160 4K PTZ Camera Has It All!

The next-generation PTZ camera AW-UE160 from Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV offers total freedom for video productions. The UE160 was designed to create unique and new visual expression by combining the flexibility of a PTZ camera to freely set positions and angles, with the specifications of a studio camera allowing production teams to easily capture clear images even in the most challenging lighting conditions. Follow Mads Bolding as he introduces this new flagship model and highlights some of the special features and advantages of the Pan Tilt Zoom camera.

The UE160 is the first ever compact remote camera to support the SMPTE ST 2110 standard for video transmission over IP networks via a simple software option.

It can adjust to the different needs in many markets as it is packed with features, protocols and options like...

  • Newly developed €4K Sensor offering superior sensitivity.
  • A wide angle lens with up to 20 x zoom.
  • Moiré reduction filter for LED wall shooting.
  • Significantly improved Autofocus with advanced technology.
  • High speed output up to 120P in Full HD
  • Support of High-Bandwidth NDI®, SRT, FreeD protocol, and many more...

It features a new-generation image processing engine with improved processing power. High-pixel image data output from the 1-type 4K MOS sensor offering an excellent balance between depth of field, image quality, high sensitivity. Together with high processing speed to improve the S/N ratio. Having high sensitivity of up to F14/2000 lx with high image quality to capture subjects even in the dark is super important. Not only for use in theatres or during live performances.

Of course, the UE160 is also compatible with other Panasonic products and solutions as well as our extensive software suite.

00:00 - 01:13 #1 Quick Tour
01:14 - 02:01 #2 Image Processing
02:01 - 02:52 #3 New AF Hi-Speed output
02:52 - 03:46 #4 Anti-Moiré filter, Waveform, Return Feed & Audio
03:46 - 04:48 #5 Video Outputs & Protocols
04:48 - 05:19 #6 Extra Features & more
05:19 - 06:04 #7 Panasonic PTZ Ecosystem
06:04 - 06:51 #8 Summary

Please note: PDAF will be available in a future firmware update. Compatible with Auto Tracking Software will be in a future firmware update.

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