Panasonic Connect Demonstrates Full ST2110 workflows and new products at NAB NY

Panasonic Connect Revolutionizes AV Solutions for Seamless Production Workflows

Discover Panasonic Connect's latest suite of AV solutions designed to elevate production workflows and deliver unparalleled shared experiences. At NAB NY 2023, the company showcased its cutting-edge ST 2110-enabled solutions, transforming the landscape of content creation and consumption.

Panasonic Connect's Enhanced ST 2110 AV Solutions

In response to rapidly evolving consumer viewing habits and the projected $247 billion global live streaming market by 2027, Panasonic Connect North America has expanded its lineup of ST 2110-enabled AV solutions. These advancements are geared towards simplifying production workflows and fostering creative and unique productions.

Key Solutions Unveiled at NAB New York:

  1. UCU700 Camera Control Unit (CCU):

    • Expected to launch in early 2024, the CCU offers seamless integration of camera heads into ST 2110 workflows.
    • Supports 4K and HDR operations, with optional I/F boards for SRT, NDI, ST 2110, and Dante.
    • Compatibility with existing UC4000, UC3300, and the new PLV100 cameras, providing tailored I/F options for each model.
  2. KAIROS Live Production Platform:

    • The KAIROS Core AT-KC200 and AT-KC2000, now shipping, boast enhanced functionality, improved video processing, and expanded file storage capacity.
    • The KC2000 introduces a 96GB RAM Player, 32GB Stills, and an 850GB Clip Player, eliminating the need for a standalone clip player in many applications.
    • The KC2000S1 model, available in December, features two independent 200G ST 2110 NIC cards for fully redundant ST 2022-7 or up to 400G of ST 2110 sources.
  3. AK-HC3900 Studio Camera:

    • Ideal for diverse live productions, this studio camera outputs HDR and SDR simultaneously.
    • Native support for ST 2110 is added with the AK-SFC391 software, creating a seamless connection to the KAIROS Live Production Platform without the need for a Camera Control Unit and ST 2110 gateways.
  4. AK-PLV100 Super 35mm CineLive Studio Camera:

    • Tailored for easy CINELIVE production, this studio camera provides a cinema aesthetic with a narrow depth of field look.
    • Offers an ST 2110 workflow at a reasonable price, continuing the legacy of the VariCam.
  5. AW-UE160 4K PTZ Camera:

    • As part of Panasonic’s Platinum Series, this PTZ camera ensures clear image capture in challenging lighting conditions.
    • Activates ST 2110 compatibility through the AW-SFU60 software key, reducing moiré effects when shooting against an LED wall.

Elevate Your Productions with Panasonic Connect

Panasonic Connect's commitment to ST 2110-enabled solutions empowers production teams to meet the demands of dynamic content consumption. Discover the tools necessary for high-quality, creative content delivery across various platforms. Revolutionize your production workflows with Panasonic Connect's state-of-the-art AV solutions.

Read the full Press Release from Panasonic Connect HERE

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