Panasonic Connect Expands Kairos ST 2110-Enabled Product Line

Panasonic Connect North America has recently expanded its AV solutions lineup to provide its customers with more seamless and future-proofed production workflows. This expansion was prominently showcased at the NAB New York event, where Panasonic Connect unveiled a range of new solutions designed to elevate the capabilities of production crews and systems integrators.

One of the key highlights is the UCU700 Camera Control Unit, slated for release in early 2024. This innovative CCU is set to offer an array of benefits, such as the ability to work with a wide variety of camera heads while using a common accessory infrastructure. It is also built to support the integration of ST 2110 for IP-based production, a vital feature in today's rapidly evolving media landscape. The UCU700 accommodates both 4K and HDR operation, thereby ensuring high-quality content production. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to accommodate various optional I/F boards, making it adaptable to a range of workflows using technologies like SRT, NDI, ST 2110, and Dante. This versatility assists in transitioning from traditional baseband operation to IP operation, a critical step in the evolution of broadcast and production technologies. Importantly, the UCU700 can seamlessly work with existing camera models such as UC4000 and UC3300, and it is expected to provide tailored I/F options for each of these models.

The KAIROS Live Production Platform from Panasonic Connect also underwent significant enhancements. The KAIROS Core AT-KC200 and AT-KC2000 models, now available, come with improved functionality and performance. These enhancements include streamlined connectivity, more advanced video processing capabilities, and an expanded file storage capacity, all of which contribute to a more efficient and versatile production workflow. Notably, the KC2000 model takes content capacity to new heights with a 96GB RAM Player, 32GB Stills, and an 850GB Clip Player. This eliminates the need for separate clip players in many applications, simplifying production setups. For those seeking enhanced redundancy and source capacity, Panasonic Connect is set to release the KC2000S1 model in December, which features two independent 200G ST 2110 NIC cards, enabling up to 400G of ST 2110 sources. This redundancy ensures that production teams can continue operating seamlessly even in the face of unexpected technical challenges.

Panasonic Connect's expanded offerings also include the AK-HC3900 Studio Camera, designed to cater to a wide range of live production applications, from TV broadcasts to house of worship events and educational content. This camera stands out by outputting both HDR and SDR simultaneously, providing flexibility to production teams to work with different content formats. Importantly, the AK-SFC391 software, sold separately, allows the camera to natively support ST 2110. This compatibility ensures a smooth connection to Panasonic's KAIROS Live Production Platform, without the need for an additional Camera Control Unit or ST 2110 gateways. This feature streamlines the production process and simplifies the transition to IP-based workflows.

For those looking to achieve a cinematic aesthetic in studio settings, Panasonic Connect offers the AK-PLV100 Super 35mm CineLive Studio Camera. This camera is purpose-built for CINELIVE production and is designed to deliver a cinematic look with a narrow depth of field. It also seamlessly integrates with the ST 2110 workflow, all while maintaining an attractive price point. This allows content creators to achieve high-quality cinematic visuals within a studio environment, opening up new creative possibilities for productions.

Finally, the AW-UE160 4K PTZ Camera, part of Panasonic's Platinum Series of high-end broadcast-quality PTZ cameras, provides production teams with the tools needed to capture clear and high-quality images even in challenging lighting conditions. Notably, this camera features an optical low pass filter that reduces the effect of moiré, ensuring clearer picture quality when shooting against LED walls. To add to its flexibility, users can activate ST 2110 compatibility through the AW-SFU60 software key, ensuring that this camera can readily integrate into IP-based workflows, further simplifying production setups.

Panasonic Connect's expanded AV solutions lineup not only reflects their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry technology but also their dedication to providing versatile, future-proof, and high-quality solutions for their customers. In a rapidly evolving media landscape where high-quality content delivery and IP-based production are paramount, these solutions offer production teams a significant advantage in creating exceptional content efficiently and seamlessly.

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