Panasonic Connect KAIROS, Cameras & Controllers are a Home Run!

In a blog post authored by the AV Technology Staff for Panasonic Connect, the emphasis is placed on the pivotal role of high-quality live sports streaming, particularly concerning how fans support their teams from home. The post highlights how GlobeStream Media, a comprehensive production company, partnered with USA Softball to live-stream its GOLD National Championships, with a strong commitment to delivering top-tier live content.

GlobeStream Media harnessed the power of Panasonic Connect's technology for this initiative. During the preliminary games in Mustang, Oklahoma, they strategically deployed Panasonic Connect AW-UE40 4K/30P Ultra Quiet PTZ Cameras on four fields, each strategically positioned behind home plate and effectively managed remotely. A lone on-site production technician managed the setup and resolved any technical issues that arose. The cameras were seamlessly connected to a bonded-cellular router, and the video feed was expertly streamed via the secure SRT protocol to their control room in Dallas. In Dallas, the team added a score bug and successfully live-streamed the games through USA Softball's website.

For the 16U and 18U tournament finals hosted at the USA Softball Hall of Fame Sports Complex in Oklahoma City, GlobeStream introduced a combination of Panasonic Connect AG-CX350 4K Handheld Camcorders and AW-UE40 4K/30P Ultra Quiet PTZ Cameras, strategically positioned at different critical points around the field. These cameras efficiently leveraged the SRT streaming capabilities to transmit high-quality video feeds back to the Panasonic Connect KAIROS KC100 IP platform housed in their Dallas control room. This integration of KAIROS proved instrumental in achieving a streamlined workflow for covering multi-camera events.

The presence of the EasyIP Setup Tool Plus on the AW-UE40 cameras ensured easy management of the cameras even with limited staff on hand, providing the production team the freedom to focus on other crucial aspects. Through the use of Ethernet connections on-site, the feeds were reliably sent back to the control room, where live-switching was carried out seamlessly with KAIROS.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of incorporating KAIROS was its capacity to deliver a high-quality live stream, significantly benefiting 16U and 18U athletes aspiring for college recruitment while providing coaches across the nation with an effective platform to assess players. KAIROS further streamlined workflows by offering robust support for various input and output signals, simplifying the process of receiving and distributing feeds. The deployment of the SRT protocol ensured stable and secure feed transportation, while KAIROS boasted compatibility with Real Time Transport Protocol (RTP), Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), guaranteeing low-latency, real-time transmission of both audio and video content.

Read the full article by AV Technology Staff from AV Network for Panasonic Connect HERE

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