Panasonic Connect Launches New Kairos IP Systems to support Live Production Transition

Panasonic Connect Europe is proud to unveil two cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of the live-production industry. Our latest offerings cater to the growing demand for IP-based systems and diverse video production requirements. Let's dive into the details:

Introducing the AK-UCU700 Series: This camera control unit (CCU) is designed to seamlessly support IP migration for existing 4K studio camera systems. In response to the industry's shift towards IP-based systems, the AK-UCU700 series offers 4K and HDR operation, flexible IP migration, and user-friendly features, including a 3.5” LCD touch panel. Notably, it supports the SMPTE ST 2110 IP-transmission standard and incorporates JPEG-XS compression, allowing for a 10x reduction in 4K video size without sacrificing quality. It's also the industry's pioneer in supporting the Dante network audio standard, NDI (High Bandwidth NDI), and SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) IP transmission standards.

Expanded KAIROS with the AT-KC2000S1: Panasonic Connect Europe is also delighted to announce the Kairos Core 2000 (Main Frame) new series, AT-KC2000S1. This platform is part of our KAIROS IT/IP solutions for professional live-video production and distribution. With the ability to adapt to your specific video production needs, including ST 2022-7 redundancy for broadcasting and event distribution over networks, the AT-KC2000S1 is ideal for those engaged in broadcasting, live streaming, and sports events. Notably, it retains all the functionality of the second-generation Kairos Core 2000 (AT-KC2000) while operating with redundancy.

Both of these innovations have been created to address the changing landscape of the live-production industry. As viewership habits diversify and demand for hybrid video production increases, our IP-based systems empower organizations to transition smoothly into this new production reality. Panasonic Connect Europe is committed to leading this transformation.

In summary, Panasonic Connect Europe's latest offerings are perfectly tailored to the evolving needs of the live-production industry, offering advanced features, IP compatibility, and versatility for a seamless transition into the future of video production.

Read the full case study from Panasonic Connect HERE

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