Panasonic Introduces Suite of Digital Wireless Microphones

In an article from RavePub, written by Tucker Adkins, he tells us all about the new wireless microphones from Panasonic Connect. These new microphones include the WX-ST700 Wireless Boundary Microphone, WX-ST600 Wireless Desktop transmitter Base, WM-KG645 18” Gooseneck Microphone and WX-SZ600 4-port Networked Desktop Charging Station. 

Professional audio is always a must-have in any production. Especially in today's world where hybrid events are so popular, clear audio is critical to communicating with your audiences. Professional audio will make your virtual audiences feel like they're in the same room as the speaker. 

Panasonic Connect has just announced brand new wireless, professional level, microphones. These new microphones will deliver clear audio and have connectivity options for added flexibility. The new microphones will be great additions for environments such as corporate, legal and classroom presentations, and unified communication collaboration applications. 

WX-ST700 Wireless Boundary Microphone: This microphone, optimized for dialog clarity, transmits crystal clear sound to any meeting space or conference room. The WX-ST700 features two modes of operation – Always on or Push-to-talk. It also includes integration with Panasonic PTZ cameras for voice triggered presets, which tracks speakers seated or standing in one area.

WX-ST600 Wireless Desktop transmitter Base and WM-KG645 18” Gooseneck Microphone: No one conference room or auditorium looks the same. To accommodate different space sizes and set ups, speakers need flexible microphones and bases to allow them to speak and be heard from any location.

WX-SZ600 4-port Networked Desktop Charging Station: Always-on, everyday use requires technology that can be easily charged and set up throughout a given room. The WX-SZ600 conveniently charges Panasonic Connect’s wireless microphone transmitters, including the WX-ST200, WX-ST400, WX-ST600, WX-ST700. It also features a network port for remote monitoring, which allows an end user to monitor the number of ports used, amount of battery charge and charging status.

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