Panasonic Upgrades KAIROS for Live Video Production

Panasonic's KAIROS is a great solution for live streaming production studios who need a powerful solution for their productions. KAIROS is a next generation platform for improving functionality, rendering and distribution of live video media.

Panasonic recently announced some great upgrades to KAIROS, to improve a lot of functionality found in the platform.  These new upgrades include a more powerful mainframe.  This doubles processing capacity for twice the available layers and keys.  This expansion is available in standard HD or 4K. 

"The new KAIROS Core 1000 (AT-KC1000) mainframe option offers a higher performance CPU and GPU, thereby increasing the system’s video processing capacity and expanded HD and 4K inputs/outputs and enabling the platform to be utilized in a wider range of more complex productions. Additionally, the new KAIROS core 1000 mainframe offers 4K support and a CANVAS function as standard feature, and the Version 1.1 software allows less restricted use of the multi-layered video composition, output in high resolution including 8K video."

In the end, KAIROS is an intuitive interface with a ton of capabilities, that is also user friendly and easy to use.  KAIROS can be customized to best fit the user, and includes essentials needed to create the perfect live production environment.  

Check out this article to learn more. 

Learn more about Panasonic HERE.

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