Panasonic Kairos IP Based Live Video Production for Worship

Kairos is a new technology from Panasonic that harnesses pure processing power to create unlimited M/Es, keyers and outputs in multi camera live production. Kairos can handle as many inputs and outputs as the GPU and CPU will allow. Many are calling Kairos the Photoshop of Live Video.

Check out this video from Church Production Magazine on Kairos. 

PhotoShop for Live Video

Panasonic has dubbed Kairos as the PhotoShop of live video.  The architecture of Kairos is completely open, allowing for ultimate flexibility for multi camera productions.  

"Release a switcher with 3 MEs, video professionals will want 4, and if you give them 4 keyers, they will want 5. To combat this, Panasonic is basically redesigning how video production is done. Rather than limit keyers, MEs, and outputs, Kairos is just pure processing power. So it can handle however many layers, inputs and outputs as the GPU and CPU can take. Split it up however you like, use it however you need. Leaving us to assume, when you need more processing power, you can probably just add it. Panasonic is calling it 'Photoshop for live video.”
-Church Production Magazine

Check out's full article HERE,

Learn more about Panasonic HERE.

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