Panasonic KAIROS IP Video Production for Worship

In a recent blog post from Church Production, they talk about why KAIROS from Panasonic is perfect for houses of worship live streaming. KAIROS is an IT/IP video processing platform developed by Panasonic. It is a software-defined platform that allows users to orchestrate the production and delivery of high-quality video content for a wide range of applications, including live events, sports, education, and worship.

The KAIROS platform is designed to be highly flexible and customizable, allowing users to create complex video productions with ease. It offers a fully customizable graphical user interface that enables users to manage unlimited layers and effects without restriction. MEs, keys, effects, and scaling can all be set within each scene, making it easy to create dynamic, visually stunning content.

Vision, creativity, adaptability, and the appropriate tools are necessary to produce compelling worship experiences. The capable Panasonic KAIROS IT/IP video processing platform enables AV professionals to plan the creation and delivery of moving, immersive visual experiences. KAIROS liberates users from the limitations of conventional hardware-based systems as a software-defined platform by utilizing the strength and adaptability of its CPU and GPU.

KAIROS, which offers a completely customizable, user-friendly graphical user interface, differs from a conventional switcher in that it enables users to effortlessly handle an endless number of layers and effects. Each scene has complete control over the setting of MEs, keys, effects, and scale. Only the GPU's capacity affects the overall number of video layers.

KAIROS is the ideal option for churches that need to send high quality video to several screens located around a venue for IMAG, high-resolution LED, or wall monitor displays due to its exceptional flexibility. KAIROS boosts processing performance for fully networked multi-site companies with support for immersive motion graphics for projection and video streaming to numerous CDN or Facebook Live.

KAIROS increases HD and 4K inputs/outputs with standard 4K capability, making it ideal for mixed HD/4K situations. For the content of the aggregate output, further layers may be used. KAIROS is simple to use and can suit your worship needs, whether AV professionals are live streaming a choir performance with simple close-ups or broadcasting more complicated performances to numerous sites that incorporate 4K live streaming, robotic camera control, multiple screens, and motion graphics.

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