Panasonic KAIROS: Unleashing Creative Vision in Live Video Production

In this captivating video, our host Gary delves into the dynamic world of Panasonic Kairos, a groundbreaking live video production platform. Discover how Kairos transcends traditional boundaries, adapting flawlessly to diverse settings—whether it’s a bustling concert hall, a corporate event, or a House of Worship. Gary sheds light on where Kairos shines brightest, empowering creators, broadcasters, and event organizers to craft visually stunning experiences. Join us as we explore the synergy between technology and creativity, and witness how Kairos transforms every venue into a canvas for captivating storytelling.

Panasonic Connect KAIROS

  • KAIROS is a live production platform that gives professionals unlimited control to deliver rich content for broadcast, large screen display and live streams. 
  • KAIROS adds ST 2110 to its standard baseband and streaming connectivity for unparalleled I/) flexibility 
  • Intuitive GUI layer-based interface, and powerful content creation with a quick learning curve.

Multi-screen, Format-free "CANVAS"

  • Produce video in unconventional aspect ratios
  • Output to multiple screens in multiple formats and resolutions 
  • Canvas function lets you composite all sources with minimal latency for dynamic LED shows.

Flexible video production to support diverse viewing patterns

  • KAIROS allows a single team to support all your screens with native aspect ratios and resolutions

Flexible I/O and Video Formats

  • Directly input ST 2110, NDI IP signals and SRT/RTMP/RTSP/RTP signals 
  • Different resolutions & frame rates without format conversion.
  • Output signals can be adjusted flexibly with multiple video formats

Native REMI Production

  • Connect Multiple control panels to one mainframe over IP for multi-operation. 
  • Independent uncompressed clip stores, clip players, and stills 
  • Kairos Creator enables remote operation and resource sharing 
    even when operators are not on-site or in the studio
  • Centralized control of Panasonic PTZ cameras and third-party equipment.
  • Supports low latency and high-quality SRT for native remote production.

Create an IP Broadcast Studio with Panasonic & ST2110

  • KAIROS Production Systems
  • AW-UE160 PTZ Cameras
  • AK-HC3900/4000 Studio Cameras​

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