Panasonic PTZ Cameras with Multi-Level Auto-Tracking

Explore the game-changing world of PTZ cameras with Panasonic Connect in this insightful YouTube video featuring Mads Bolding. Dive into the buzzword dominating discussions: Auto Tracking. Discover how PTZ cameras redefine filming, providing seamless shots from challenging angles without manual adjustments. The Auto Tracking Application, powered by AI, precisely follows subjects, ensuring they stay perfectly framed, eliminating the need for a camera operator.

Explore the versatility of Auto Tracking with built-in functionality, a free and user-friendly feature included in select PTZ cameras. Elevate your production further with external software-based auto-tracking, a customizable system requiring Panasonic's AW-SF100 or AW-SF200 software. This sophisticated solution harnesses the CPU and GPU power of your computer, offering multiple layers of auto-tracking performance. Revolutionize your video content effortlessly with Panasonic PTZ cameras and take your productions to new heights.

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