Panasonic’s AW-HN38H PTZ camera for Distance Learning

The Panasonic AW-HN38H is a powerful tool when it comes to the future of education. With distance learning on the rise, devices like this have found their place in the classroom, making lessons more and more effective.

The capabilities of Panasonic PTZ Cameras are cutting edge and the top of their class, with a sharp picture and smooth motions- that are also completely silent.  

With many students participating in online learning over popular video conferencing systems like Zoom or Teams- production value can be essential for student involvement.  PTZ cameras give a great deal of flexibility as it creates a moving camera angle, and a high definition picture for the learning experience.  

As my school district transitioned unexpectedly to remote learning, it was important that we provided options for asynchronous learning to create an environment in which differences in access to technology, family needs, and work schedules were minimized. At the beginning of the transition, I offered one hour-long live Zoom sessions per course each week to supplement online assignments. I also recorded short "selfie" videos to maintain the personal connection with students giving daily or weekly updates, telling jokes, attempting to motivate, and giving them insight into my family’s quarantine experience. Many were recorded and shared with the entire class, but I also recorded personalized videos for every student to respond to their specific learning and personal needs. 

-Westfield Public Schools Q&A


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