Panasonic Webinar with Rajesh Lad for NDI November

Panasonic is one of the largest leading companies to embrace NDI technology and use it in their products to create exciting new advancements in the live streaming and production space.  

Rajesh Lad joins our host, Gary Bettan for this NDI November webinar, to discuss Panasonics line of Pro PTZ Cameras, Auto Tracking Software, NDI capable camcorders and much more.  It's a great conversation, with a ton of information on NDI technology. 

Check out the full webinar HERE:


Panasonic NDI PTZ Cameras:

Panasonic went all in on NDI in July of 2017 when they rolled out their first three Panasonic Pro PTZ NDI capable cameras.  This was quickly followed by eight new models, all NDI capable, making Panasonic a viable name in NDI cameras, with excellent gear for live productions.  

Learn more about Panasonic NDI Pro PTZ Cameras HERE.

Panasonic AV-HLC 100:

Panasonic also made news in the NDI niche at NAB in 2018 when they released the Panasonic AV-HLC100.  This device is a complete live streaming and production studio, in a form factor reminiscent of a joystick controller. 

Learn more about the HLC 100 HERE.

NDI Capable Camcorders: 

Panasonic is also features two great 4K Camcorders that are completely NDI capable.  This includes the AG-CX350 and the AG-CX10, both of which can be upgraded for NDI support from NewTek, Panasonic, or right here at Videoguys. 

Learn more about the NDI|HX upgrade HERE.

Learn more about Panasonic HERE.


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