PC vs Mac? (aka: Digging Samsung Series 7 Chronos)

Layers by RC Concepcion

If you want to start a giant flamewar online, you can always count on three things: HDR, Canon vs. Nikon, Android vs. Iphone, and PC vs. Mac. Try as people may, there still seems to be this lingering mindset that there are big differences in performance/productivity/creativity in owning one versus the other. There is also a great amount of debate that circles when we switch from one to another. For the most part – I get it. We are creatures of comparison, and we love being in tribes. That said, I thought it would be cool to just write out some thoughts on it as I started playing with this Samsung Series 7 Chronos laptop.

The Backstory

Some friends over at Intel had asked me whether I would consider trying out a laptop that leveraged the Core i7 Processor. Great processing power, lower power consumption – whos not to like that? A lot of the work that i have been doing recently is in the genre of HDR - where I am taking multiple exposures and putting them together to make surrealistic images. To me, having to wait around while the computer is processing has always been a slow death. Combine that with the fact that most of the images that I am working on are HDR merges of D800 files (36 megapixels) and my need for bigger processing power became more imminent. Add to that the fact that I am not just merging one file, but multiple HDR files into panoramics and you can see why jumping at trying something with more oomph was high on the list. So far, the Chronos has been performing extremely well. I’ll cover just how well in another blog post.

This got people talking about what caused me to move, or consider using a PC. It also got people asking what made me want to choose the Macbook Pro that I was using now. Its best to outline the things that I thought was great about using the Macbook Pro. read more...

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