PCIe Ramps Up : Seven PCI Express Graphics Cards Compared

GamePC by Chris Connolly 10/18/2004 PCIe cards The transition to PCI Express has indeed been a painful one for the computing industry, causing confusion and frustration for both system builders and consumers. While changing computer connection standards is never easy, the pain of moving to PCI Express graphics cards from the well known AGP 8x standard has been made heightened by simultaneous releases of new graphics processors from both ATI and nVidia. Some of these new chips are for PCI Express, some are for AGP, some can be run on either connection type. If you don't follow this stuff on a daily basis, the situation can get really confusing, really fast. All of the companies involved in molding graphics card standards agree that PCI Express will be at the center of PC graphics for the foreseeable future, and AGP is on its way out. With millions and millions of AGP systems out there, and new AGP cards being introduced all the time, it's hard to consider AGP out of date. Many have asked us what the benefits of PCI Express are over AGP 8x. Here goes. read more...

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