Pearl, Pearl Mini & Pearl-2 Firmware 4.11.0 Released

Epiphan's Pearl family of video streaming devices recently got a new firmware upgrade. Firmware 4.11.0 is available now for Pearl, Pearl Mini & Pearl-2.

We're pleased to announce release 4.11.0 for our Pearl family of all-in-one switching, recording, and streaming systems!  
In this release, we added options to give administrator privileges to Pearl operators, support for Kaltura's combined lecture capture plus live event type, and the ability to monitor the status of file transfers. We also updated Pearl-2 to support NDI version 4.1.


Firmware 4.11.0 Update Features:

  • Assign select administrator functions to operators. This includes channel setup, networking, configuration presets, and more.
  • Update NDI on Pearl-2 to NDI version 4.1 (Pearl-2 only)
  • Monitor AFU file uploads and manual ile transfers to USB drives with the touch screen and admin panel.
  • Cancel USB file transfers using the Admin Panel.
  • Support for Kalturas Lecture Capture Plus Live Event Type.

Release Notes

Firmware Files

Systems already connected to the internet can use the built-in firmware update feature in order to upgrade their systems. However, manual updates are also an option- using the links below.

Learn more about Epiphan HERE.

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