Pegasus R6 Shines in Real-time 4K Video Editing

Promise Case Study

Pegasus Helps Bring A Key Piece of China’s Naval History to Life

Director Aaron Ke of Bronze Visual Art and his Pegasus R6 brought a key part of China's naval history to life in an award-winning documentary for the National Palace Museum in Taipei. The Pegasus R6 was crucial to this project as it enabled real-time editing of uncompressed 4K files. The result is a film that is a feast for the senses! Download the success story to learn more about this amazing project.

The PROMISE Pegasus R6 enabled Ke to realize his vision of a breathtaking documentary that combined footage captured in 4K with 3D animation. The lightning fast throughput easily handled massive high-resolution files, something that other technolgies and solutions failed to do. Ke used the Pegasus R6 for real-time editing of uncompressed 4K files, and he flew through the editing process.

The Challenge
Using historical artifacts from the NPM, including two extremely rare colored drawings of Qing Dynasty warships, Ke set out to recreate history. To fully understand the origin and the purpose of the rare diagrams, the NPM team delved into a mountain of historical records and at the same time, employed models and 3D technology to help Ke reproduce he intricate details of the ancient ships.

In order to recreate this lost piece of history in the documentary, Ke decided to take a unique approach to filming this project. He wanted to create a more visually exciting filmthat would breathe life into a key part of China’s naval history. Therefore, he decided to combine 2D and 3D elements, in addition to shooting the film in 4K.

Shooting the film in 4K, which is four times the resolution of full-HD, captures beautiful high-resolution images but the media files are massive, presenting a host of challenges when the content needs to be edited, stored, and transferred. Ke quickly discovered the performance of USB 3.0 and FireWire simply could not meet his requirements for real-time 4K editing, and that is even before he began integrating 3D animation.

Ke considered compressing the files to ProRes 422, but ultimately decided to work with uncompressed 4K files because he didn’t want to lose any of the details that he worked tirelessly to perfect. He now needed a storage solution that provided enough throughput to turn his vision into reality. He found the PROMISE Pegasus R6 with Thunderbolt™ technology.

The PROMISE Solution

After researching the latest technologies and solutions that would support his project, Ke decided on the PROMISE Pegasus R6, hardware RAID storage with Thunderbolt technology. ”At first I have to say I was skeptical, but once I tried the Pegasus R6 I was totally surprised,” said Ke. “I couldn’t believe that it could handle real-time editing of uncompressed 4K files. Pegasus was absolutely crucial to this project.”

Ke was able to acheive transfer rates over 600 MB/s, which helped him speed through the editing process. With one SSD installed in his computer, which was connected to the Pegasus R6, he was able to do all of his editing and 3D integration with the uncompressed 4K files he captured on his RED camera. “In one month and a half, I was able to finish 42 scenes that were shot in 4K,” said Ke. “When I first started the project I thought this was impossible.”

The Pegasus R6 has fast become the top storage solution for rich media professionals who require industry leading performance and reliability. The incredible throughput of the Pegasus R6 is truly what makes it shine, as this outstanding performance dramatically enhances the effectiveness of high-resolution video editing. Additionally, the PROMISE RAID engine has a proven track record of reliability that has helped protect the valuable digital assets of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies. download and read the full pdf

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