Phonetic dialog search returns as Soundbite from Boris

The Editblog on PVC by Scott Simmons

Still powered by Nexidia, it’s Get under new management

A few weeks ago we published a couple of stories about the demise of the phonetic dialog search tool Get for Final Cut Pro. It looks like the comment from Nexidia that it would return was true as Wednesday night at the LAFCPUG meeting Boris Soundbite was introduced.

Check out the video above and you can see Soundbite in action. It looks to be the same cool tool that Get was as it looks nearly identical! They seemed to have added a few little things here and there but overall it’s the same application just under new management. Bullet points from the Boris FX website:

  • Find any word or phrase spoken in your media
  • Search hundreds of hours of video in just seconds
  • One-button import to Final Cut Pro, with markers and in/out points
  • Fix noisy dialogue or change intonation with alternate takes of problem words
  • Multiple languages supported


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