Photoshop for Video

Found this great blog entry and link over at DV Guru : photoshop for videoI find myself using Photoshop almost as much as Premiere when working on a project. I was watching episode 43 of Photoshop TV today and they mentioned the Photoshop for Video website, so I had to go check it out. An hour later I had viewed all 6 vodcasts that are posted. The first 3 vodcasts are devoted to setting the preferences in Photoshop to get the best result for video, not print. The remaining vodcasts discuss image size, formats and techniques to import photos and prepare them for video. Some of the stuff is pretty simple, but I think you will learn some things that will make subscribing to this vodcast worthwhile. The vodcasts are created by Richard Harrington, who also maintains a blog on the website. You will also find several helpful handouts and resources that will keep you busy for a while. Click here for the Photshop for Video website

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