Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6.1 Updater

le6.1Liquid Edition version 6.1 is now available. LE6.1 is an important update that offers several great new features such as full screen preview and comprehensive Sony HDV support. Exciting new features now available with version 6.1  · Full Screen preview – Real time preview of your timeline on your VGA monitor for all formats including HDV  · Improved HDV Support – There is now greatly improved HDV support with the addition of comprehensive deck and device control for the shipping Sony & JVC HDV cameras & decks.  · True MPEG-2 IPB HD Rendering - IBP Rendering (25Mbit/sec) for HDV. Now you can render HDV editing and effects in the true MPEG-2 IBP format. This allows you to maintain the high quality and small size of MPEG02 IBP format across the entire HDV sequence.  · Replace Edit Function – CTRL + DRAG a clip to timeline when replacing a clip and now maintain transitions and effects that were already applied to the clip being replaced  · Drag Clips Disbanded to Timeline – Drag a clip from a rack to the timeline and both video and audio tracks are now visible.  · Display Keyframe of Existing Effects in the RTFX editor – now when applying additional effects to a clip, you can view the Keyframe markers from the existing effects in the effect editor. This allows editions to make better decisions quicker.  · Many more, great feature additions and bug fixes Click here to look at the Liquid 6.1 Readme file for more information (fixes, new functions, installation etc.) Installation: Click here to download the file to your system. Double-click on the file to start the installation. Note: 631 MB file size.

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