Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 review

eMedia By Jan Ozer - Posted Dec 1, 2004 Does Pinnacle Edition 6 makes the transition from professional to non-professional editors with ease of use through Windows-style menus and wizards, and multiple controls for similar functions? LE6 Multicam Pinnacle Liquid Edition was born in the days when virtually all video production was performed by professionals and almost always output to tape. Today, by contrast, the mass market for editing is largely non-professional users producing for digital playback on a DVD player or hard drive, or via streaming media. Obviously, this shift from professional to non-professional user requires an emphasis on ease of use and feature accessibility over pure functionality and workflow. What's more, this shifting emphasis has changed user expectations, up to and including those that the inexpensiveness and accessibility of DV and DVD have brought into the burgeoning commercial videography field. More subtle in the NLEs themselves is the shift from a pure editor to a tool for producing the various digital outputs that dominate today's production environment. read more...

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