Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 review

DV Doctor by Peter Wells 2/11/05 DV DoctorPinnacle’s Liquid Edition 6 is a featured-packed hardware/software combination. The supplied breakout box is well-endowed with sockets – including component in/out - but provides no hardware acceleration. So, a PC with a powerful CPU and graphics card is required – and that card and the PC’s USB 2.0 port must be compatible with LE 6 too. The Pro box proved to be a worthwhile enhancement to the Liquid Edition software, and very stable, too. Although, significant question marks remain over sync problems with analogue capture more than two months after our initial tests were carried out, it does look as though the pending 6.1 updater will resolve those, and, hopefully, some other audio issues as well. The Liquid Edition 6 software itself is hugely impressive, though does require a very powerful PC. V6 is a major upgrade to Liquid Edition and will appeal to all existing users. Given that the software version is just  £300, many newcomers may be tempted, too. read the full review

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