CEN By John Virata

Pinnacle Studio Version 12 adds Montage multi video feature, more workflow enhancements

Pinnacle Systems has released version 12 of its class leading Studio entry level video editing software. It is available in three versions; Pinnacle Studio version 12 ($49), Pinnacle Studio version 12 Plus ($99), and Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate ($129). When the company released the first versions of its application in the 1990s, editing video on a computer was still a rough experience. The computers were not readily up to task, extra hard disk space and memory was very expensive, and the Windows operating system that Studio ran on was prone to crashing, freezing, and locking up.

Editing video< today is easier to do, virtually any home computer can successfully edit video, and in fact, Microsoft has been shipping a free video editing read more...

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